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Industrial Computer Application for Robot Intelligent Sorting System
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   The intelligent manipulator is a robot equipped with sensors, objective lenses and electronic optical systems, which can quickly locate and sort goods.

Robot function:

   Product positioning, disorderly grasping; measuring the three-dimensional coordinates of the workpiece, guiding the robot to pick and place.


Difficulties in traditional grabbing:

   For industrial robots, operating repetitive actions is not a difficult task, and if it is to face an unordered environment, it needs to autonomously sense, analyze and judge the environment.


Out-of-order fetch:

   3D visual recognition system and robot are added to perform stereo positioning from product height, angle and position, to achieve visual positioning, grasping, handling, rotating, placing and other operations of target items, which can be used for disorderly Pick and sort randomly placed items to meet the industrial demand for automation and solve the problem of disorderly grabbing of industrial robots.



Measure the three-dimensional coordinates of the workpiece and guide the robot to pick and place;

1. Accurately locate the X, Y, Z coordinate positions of the workpiece, and perform two-dimensional or three-dimensional grasping for the robot;

2. No need for complicated mechanical fixing design, providing the reliability of automatic machinery;

3. The incoming materials can be positioned and grasped without arranging or placing.



1. High positioning accuracy and fast speed;

2. No need for complicated mechanical fixtures to improve efficiency;

3. It can adapt to different workpieces, and it has learning function by adopting deep learning algorithms.

Requirements for industrial computers:

1. Connect to a vision camera for object recognition, and have strong image processing capabilities;

2. Strong anti-interference ability, high-power motors and inverters of robotic control equipment are susceptible to interference;

3. The stability requirements are relatively high, and the robot will usually vibrate during 24 hours of operation.

Recommended products: CLOUD EMBEDDED IPC-805A embedded industrial computer



IPC-805A embedded industrial computer configuration:

CPU: Intel Core I3 / I5 / I7 7th generation processor

Memory: Max DDR4 32GB memory;

Hard disk: MSATA solid state hard disk optional 32-512GB SSD; 1 * SATA HDD

Power supply: aviation plug 9-36V DC, standard voltage 12V DC;

Rich interface: 2 * intel i211 network ;

                        6 * USB, 6 * COM, 2 * HDMI