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IPC-606D Fanless PC for AGV Application
Time:2020-01-31  Views:

In order to better improve production efficiency, the automation of storage as a front-end of production is also imminent. In order to effectively solve the tedious and tedious manual repetitive operations of the warehouse, and manage the outbound and inbound of production parts, the emergence of AGV effectively solves these problems.


AGV, as an automatic handling robot, can accurately deliver the parts of the warehouse to the production site through a fixed travel route, and solve the manual transportation. In addition, after leaving and entering the warehouse, the cargo information can be transmitted to the warehouse via QR code or RFID The system avoids manual code scanning.



CLOUD EMBEDDED IPC-606D is a high-performance product that CLOUD EMBEDDED closely follows the times and the market. It has such features:

1.  J1900 processor, 2.0Ghz, quad core;
2.  4G onboard memory;

3.  4*COM, 4*USB, 2*Intel i211 LAN, Wi-Fi;

4.  TDP 15W, -20~70C working temperature;
5.  Fanless cooling system, 7/24/365 working