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At present, the situation of new-type coronavirus pneumonia is quite serious. As of 13:00, February 7, 2020, the number of confirmed new-type coronavirus pneumonia nationwide was 31,214, 26,359 suspected cases, 1,582 cured, and 637 dead. As there is no effective medicine at present, the most effective protective measure is to isolate patients and suspected cases of new coronavirus pneumonia that have been diagnosed, as well as people who have contact.

20200207140010311031.jpgBefore the Spring Festival, mask manufacturers had been on holiday, and the new coronavirus pneumonia was fierce. Many hospitals announced that masks were urgent, and medical protective clothing was urgent. In order to help the country win this hard battle, many mask manufacturers started to work on medical masks on New Year's Eve.

The upcoming opening and mask manufacturers are planning to purchase mask production equipment, while contributing to the country, while earning corresponding profits. On February 6, Xiaobian paid attention to the formal transformation of the Baojun production line under Wuling GM into a mask production line, and Foxconn introduced a mask production line for the first time. Many mask production equipment began to enter the market, and the supply chain of raw materials began to resume.

Because the mask production equipment belongs to the field of industrial automation, such as the automatic process equipment for the subsequent processes of the machine that produces cup-shaped masks, you only need to manually place the finished cup on the tray, and the machine automatically completes the upper nose line, printing, upper ear band, Breathing of breathing valve, welding of breathing valve until the automatic output of the finished product. The entire equipment requires only one person to operate, which can save 8-11 labors compared to traditional production processes, and greatly improve production efficiency and mask quality.

Shenzhen CloudEmbedded Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of industrial computers. At present, our company provides relatively professional industrial control computers and industrial tablet computers for mask companies.

At present, the industrial control computers used in masks and other automation equipment are required to be dust-proof, vibration-proof, and stable in performance, and support 7 * 24 hours of stable operation.


The CLOUD EMBEDDED IPC-606A is a new generation of fanless industrial computer with Intel Celeron J1900 2.0GHz processor and onboard memory. To meet the requirements of a variety of harsh environments, the fanless design allows IPC-606A to be flexibly used in a variety of applications in the equipment automation industry. With dual Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 × serial ports, and 4 × USB ports, it is lightweight and convenient to meet the needs of customers in the automation industry such as masks.

In the application of industrial computers, 10'' industriall computer is a widely choice. Such as industrial control machine tools, medical clinical treatment automation control, high-end residential home service terminals and other fields.
Our industrial tablet computers should all be relatively harsh industrial environments. Where our products are manufactured, they need to undergo rigorous tests before leaving the factory, such as touch test, static test, vibration test, 1.2-meter drop test, high and low temperature test, vibration test and aging test.

Among our industrial computer, 10-inch industrial computer have large shipments and a wide range of applications. When it comes to performance requirements, we must be stable and safe. On the shell, we must be sturdy and resistant to vibration, moisture, dust and high temperature. In use, we have rich I / O interfaces to meet the different needs of customers.

Travel long distances and move forward. CLOUD EMBEDDED is committed to becoming a strategic partner for win-win, symbiosis and common progress with you, and is determined to become an influential enterprise in industrial automatic control systems and equipment. We will leap with you for common success!