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waterproof computer is used in the food and drug industry
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waterproof computer is used in the food and drug industry

CESIPC provides a variety of stainless steel touch industrial computers for food processing. CESIPC's industrial computers have been used by world-leading companies and well-known companies in the meat, fish and dairy industries. The customer's application environment and after-sales feedback have confirmed that our waterproof stainless steel industrial panel computers are in Reliable application under environmental conditions.


Meat factory production and processing

CESIPC products have been deeply involved in the food industry for more than 10 years. For the needs of the food processing industry, we provide customers with solutions that can withstand humid areas, extreme temperatures and corrosive substances.

CESIPC's food processing industry tablet computer is completely sealed, and our products are made of stainless steel housing (made of 304 or 316 stainless steel), and the whole machine is easy to clean.


CESIPC 15-inch waterproof tablet used in a food processing plant

CESIPC's 15-inch waterproof industrial tablet computer is used in a well-known bread production and processing plant in China. PDF file download Specification file download

In the food industry, the Kollard industrial tablet computer uses a five-wire resistive touch screen, which is convenient for food processing operations using glove-type operation. In addition, the five-wire resistive touch screen provides reliable performance and additional protection for the customer's application environment, protecting it from the user's operation and use of external tools, especially abrasives, knives and other sharp tools.


10 inch waterproof industrial tablet PC PDF PDF文档下载 Specification file download


15 inch waterproof tablet PC PDFPDF文档下载 Specification file download


21.5-inch Waterproof Tablet PC Core Processor PDF Document Download Specification PDF文档下载

CESIPC's industrial panel PCs for harsh environments can be used for resistive touch screens. There are three different sizes of industrial panel PCs: 10-inch, 15.6-inch, and 21.5-inch.

On the operating system, we can pre-install Windows or Linux operating systems for customers.

Application range:

Meat production

Fish production

Milk production

Pharmaceutical production


CESIPC Waterproof Industrial Tablet PC Test