Service Hotline

To provide global customers with more professional and timely local services and technical support, Cloud Embedded invite global partners to grow together to help Industry 4.0 sincerely.

I. Entry conditions

1. The legal person of the enterprise, and provide relevant attachments as required to be archived in Party A.

2. Companies that have worked in the industrial PC and industrial panel PC industries for more than five years are preferred.

3. Have the ability to expand channels locally or in the country, and provide local technical services, including pre-sales and after-sales.

4. In the first year since the cooperation, the performance reached 1,000,000 US dollars, and it was automatically selected as an agent qualification, and can apply to become a regional agent.
II. Development Process

1. A legal person who intends to become the agent of Party A, may fill in the application form and provide relevant attachments, and enter the contract signing process after Party A has approved it.

2. The agency agreement is signed once a year, and both parties can renew the contract within 30 days before the expiry of the contract, otherwise the contract will automatically terminate when it expires.

3. After the expiry of the agency, the contract has not been completed, and it is agreed whether to terminate the contract.

III. Resource Support

1. Material support: A provides company brochures, product manuals, leaflets, and some prototypes to agents free of charge.

2. Promotion support: When the agent conducts offline marketing activities, Party A can provide corresponding prototypes, materials, personnel and technical support.

3. Advertising support: After completing this year's performance, agents can get up to 10,000 US dollars in advertising costs and additional bonuses.

4. Brand support: Party A provides corresponding brands and marketing.