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Integrated industrial computer
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The integrated industrial control computer is a computer composed of a touch screen on the front panel, an LED display screen in the middle layer, and an industrial control host. It is also commonly referred to as an industrial tablet computer. Due to the compact design of the integrated industrial computer, there is no messy line outside the machine. It can be used directly by connecting the 9-36V external power supply. It is stable and reliable, and it is deeply loved by customers in the field of industrial equipment.


At present, the integrated industrial computer has various sizes and different performances. The size and installation method of different customer application sites are different. Collard's integrated industrial computer includes 7-inch integrated industrial computer, 8-inch integrated industrial computer, 10-inch integrated industrial computer, 12-inch integrated industrial computer, 15-inch integrated industrial computer, 17-inch integrated industrial computer Integrated industrial control computer, 19-inch integrated industrial control computer, 21-inch integrated industrial control computer, 24-inch integrated industrial control computer, and 16:9 other integrated industrial control computer.

In terms of processing performance, the CESIPC integrated industrial control computer adopts the Intel Celeron J1900 processor, and also uses the Intel third generation i3-3217U/i3-3317U/i3-3517U and the Intel seventh generation i3-7100U/i5 -7200U/i7-7500U and other processors.


For the I/O output interface, the integrated industrial control computer is also very rich in options for customers. At present, the network port of the integrated industrial control computer generally has 2 gigabit input network ports, multiple USB/COM interfaces, etc. Due to different customer applications, different models are available for customers to choose from.

The fields of application of integrated industrial control computer are: industrial automation, machine vision, MES storage system, robot, police equipment, etc., in the industry, there are control site, road and bridge control toll system, medical equipment, environmental protection monitoring, communication guarantee, intelligent transportation Control system, building monitoring security, voice call center, queuing machine, POS counter cash register, CNC machine tool, fuel dispenser, financial information processing, petrochemical data collection and processing, geophysical prospecting, field portable operation, environmental protection, military industry, power, railway, highway , Aerospace, subway, smart buildings, outdoor advertising, etc.

Because this industry in the field of industrial control is relatively niche, the integrated industrial control machine that needs to be often needs to be personalized and customized. Relatively large-scale factories generally do not do custom development of small batches of all-in-one industrial PCs because of the relatively large input cost and long cycle time. Small-scale factories do not have the ability to do motherboard development, so the integrated industrial computer with customized solutions is generally taken by a medium-sized factory and negotiated with customers for customized development.

CESIPC embedded provides industrial computers, industrial tablets, handheld tablets, ruggedized computers, etc. The company was established in 2009, has its own independent R&D and production team, and has a rich product line. It has passed CCC, CE, ROHS, and energy-saving certification. The quality is stable and reliable, suitable for harsh industrial environments, and can also provide customized services for customers. It is mainly used in industrial automation/machine vision/data collection/military industry/police/research institutes and other fields. It is one of the largest industrial computer manufacturers in China. One.