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Anti-vibration industrial computer-bus-mounted industrial computer
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In buses, subways, driving schools and other transportation vehicles, the driving environment of vehicles is affected by factors such as voltage instability, vibration, impact, dust and severe weather. To ensure safety and reliability, the design of on-board computers must be able to adequately resist these external influences. At the same time, the system needs to support a variety of wireless communication methods, plus a GPS receiver for route tracking. Due to the particularity of using the environment, the required industrial computer has the characteristics of anti-vibration, anti-voltage surge, and anti-dust.


Schematic diagram of the anti-vibration industrial computer connected to the intelligent industrial transfer

CESIPC has launched a series of anti-vibration industrial computers for vehicles such as buses and subways. The industrial computer combined with the new system can provide a variety of services for public transportation, such as protecting the safety of drivers and passengers, forcing drivers to abide by traffic rules, and clarifying the responsible party after an accident. The system can also help reduce and mediate disputes.


IPC-606D back

CESIPC's embedded industrial computer has practical application cases in the bus system, and the IPC-606D fanless industrial computer is its perfect solution. The following are IPC-606D product specifications

Anti-vibration industrial computer product parameters


The internal hardware of IPC-606D adopts anti-vibration design, CPU and memory are board attached to industrial motherboard. This method is a powerful way to increase the stability and reliability of performance. In addition to the sturdy and durable equipment, stable and reliable performance, the -20~60℃ wide temperature characteristic meets the harsh outdoor high and low temperature environment, and the 9~40V wide voltage input adapts to the unstable power supply status. Multiple IO interfaces are reserved for subsequent system upgrades. Up space. The long life cycle of 5 to 7 years guarantees the long-term stable supply of the equipment, and the high-quality after-sales service of CESIPC provides a guarantee for the stable operation of the system.