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CESIPC fall 2020 group building successfully concluded
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At 4 pm on August 22, 2020, the partners and their families set off from Shenzhen and came to Huizhou Xunliao Bay. On the evening of August 23, the 2 days and 1 night "Kollard 2020 Autumn Team Building" ended successfully. This team building activity has played a good role in enhancing team cohesion, strengthening good communication between team members and support exchanges with family members, and laid a good foundation for everyone to work together to sprint the company's annual business goals.

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Hotel base where CESIPC stayed

At around 6pm on the 22nd, the partners arrived at the Guangdong Model Worker Rehabilitation Base in Huizhou City by car one after another, checked in and had a rest. At 8 o'clock in the evening, the team went out to dinner together.


Hotel internal environment

A good day starts with a nutritious breakfast. At 7 o'clock in the morning, the group members woke up one after another and recharged in the cafeteria on the first floor of the base.



After breakfast, the team building activity officially kicked off. Since this activity is accompanied by family members, the morning activity is free to move around the family or colleagues. The 200-meter natural beach near the Guangdong Model Worker Retreat Base is very suitable for this group building activity. Employees can freely participate in activities such as swimming, motorboats, beach sports cars, and sea parks. Some colleagues who like to be quiet can also freely watch the scenery bestowed by nature on the coastline.


free time

After free activities, the company arranges a sumptuous lunch at noon. After lunch, the team convoy arrived at the next stop-Financial Street Xunliao Bay Yacht Club, preparing for the next team kayaking activity.


Double kayak

The main difficulty of a two-person kayak is coordination. In the case of adequate communication, there are two basic points to master: front and rear respond to the person behind to control the overall situation, the person in front to control the frequency, and the person behind to control the direction of the ship. This kind of activity exercises the employees to work together and put their energy in one place to win!



At the end of the event, the company representative also said on the scene that he was very happy to be able to gather with employees and the family members of his entourage through such a form. This team building is an opportunity to strengthen communication and exchanges between colleagues, enhance mutual understanding between various departments, and support from family members. It is also an opportunity for teamwork ability. I hope everyone in the Kollard family can work together to make the company bigger and at the same time make the work more sophisticated and the industry deep. Only in this way can we find a future for development and realize our value through the company platform.