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Anti-corrosion stainless steel computer for laboratory applications
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Some equipment in the laboratory requires a computer for HMI man-machine operation. Due to the laboratory environment, many liquids are acid-alkaline, and sometimes there is a certain amount of water vapor when doing experiments. Ordinary computers are all exposed forms, facing high-risk environmental threats, and computers are required to be waterproof and anti-corrosive.


In relatively harsh working environment, CESIPC waterproof industrial computer allows you to use it freely in humid, hygienic and flushing environments.

The CESIPC industrial tablet case is made of 304 food grade stainless steel, which has inherent antibacterial and corrosion resistance. It can be sprayed for cleaning in the laboratory, which is ideal for clean rooms.

stainless steel computer

The front panel adopts resistive touch screen, full-plane waterproof design, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance

CESIPC 10-inch anti-corrosion stainless steel industrial panel computer KLD-1061B is rated as NEMA4X, which can protect the computer from liquid, airborne particles and physical impact. The laboratory enables industrial tablet computers to operate uninterruptedly under hazardous conditions, thereby increasing the system's uptime, laboratory efficiency and providing better overall system protection.

stainless steel computer

stainless steel computer

Advantages of CESIPC 10-inch anti-corrosion stainless steel industrial panel computer KLD-1061B

Made of 304 stainless steel

The waterproof industrial computer workstation has antibacterial and corrosion resistance, and can be used safely in damp, humid and clean environments.

Shatter-resistant polycarbonate touch screen

stainless steel computer

The strength of polycarbonate windows is 10 times that of ordinary glass. In case of breakage, the touch screen shatterproof glass will not contaminate your production line with debris.

stainless steel computer

Waterproof to NEMA4X

NEMA4X grades provide comprehensive protection for PCs and screens against dust, liquids and impact. Reduce maintenance, downtime and costs.

stainless steel computer

Suitable for VESA bracket

Buy the best computer system for your needs, or use the computer and screen you already own to save money.

stainless steel computer

Waterproof seal

The structure of the whole machine is sealed, and the I/O interface adopts a customized high-precision aviation plug, so that you can clean the workstation without causing danger to the accompanying PC.

stainless steel computer

Four-way power distribution with surge protection

Protect the computer system from the impact of electrical spikes, thereby ensuring its life.

No internal fan

The high-strength large-area heat sink is used inside the CPU to efficiently conduct heat to the stainless steel casing, thereby prolonging the life of the computer.

Installation options

stainless steel computer

You can install the machine on the wall or stand in the most advantageous position for the employees.

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