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Work from Home and Suspension of Production Notice
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According to the announcement issued by the Shenzhen Municipal Government at 7 pm on March 13, 2022, our company CESIPC will suspend production from March 14 to March 20. All employees will work from home and actively cooperate with relevant regulations on epidemic prevention. Production will be suspended during this period. We are sorry for the inconvenience and please understand. The government announcement is as follows:


According to the situation of epidemic prevention and control in our city, in order to effectively control the risk of the spread of the epidemic and effectively protect the lives and health of the general public, the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters decided to carry out three rounds of nucleic acid testing for all staff across the city. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:


1. Nucleic acid testing of all employees in the city


The city's personnel completed each round of nucleic acid testing for all employees in accordance with the requirements of "all employees must be tested, and no one will be left behind". Citizens are requested to pay close attention to the nucleic acid testing time in the area, participate in nucleic acid testing at different times according to the notice of the community in the street and take personal protection, and return to their residence immediately after the test.


2. Offices and institutions work from home


Except for the staff responsible for epidemic prevention tasks, all government agencies and institutions in the city work from home or become community volunteers, report to the community where they live, and fully participate in community epidemic prevention work and community services.


3. Non-urban security enterprises stop operating or work from home


Except for public service enterprises such as water, electricity, fuel oil, gas, communications, sanitation, grain, oil, meat and vegetable supply and other public service enterprises that guarantee the life of citizens and the basic operation of the city, as well as the supply enterprises in Hong Kong, all enterprises will work from home and suspend production and business activities. Except for supermarkets (including farmers' markets), pharmacies, medical institutions, and catering enterprises (which only provide express delivery services) that meet the basic needs of citizens, all other business premises and stores will be closed.


4. Stop all non-essential flows and activities


In addition to ensuring the city's operation and the transportation of goods and goods to the port, the city's buses and subways have been suspended. The city's community communities, urban villages, and industrial parks implement closed management. All personnel in the city will not leave Shenzhen unless necessary. If there are special needs, they will leave Shenzhen with a 24-hour nucleic acid negative certificate.


5. Guaranteeing the supply of citizens’ home life


Relevant departments such as market supervision and commerce and supply guarantee enterprises ensure sufficient supply of daily necessities and stable prices. Each district, street, and community has established a dedicated service guarantee team, set up a warm-hearted service hotline, and responded to citizens' demands in a timely manner.


The above measures will be implemented from March 14th to 20th, and will be dynamically adjusted according to the situation of epidemic prevention and control.


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